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Special Meeting Legal Notice - Superintendent Search

The Tenino School District Board of Directors will be holding the following Special Board Meetings for 2014-2015 Superintendent search. Read more >>>

Living History: The Civil War

The Phoenix Rising School is presenting a Civil War living history program on April 26 and 27 on their school grounds. Read more>>>

Summer School Programs

New Market Skills Center, the leader in career and technical education throughout the State of Washington, opens its doors this summer to offer hands-on learning to students entering 9th through 12th grade. Read more >>>

Foreign Exchange Students

Cultural Homestay International (CHI) is seeking host families for foreign exchange students.

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Internet Service Opportunity

Bring the Internet home for just $9.95 a month. Read more >>>


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Construction Bond Information
Welcome to Tenino

Welcome to the Tenino School District website. We are located in Tenino, Washington, approximately 14 miles south of Olympia. We are a district serving over 1,300 students in the Kindergarten through 12th grades.

Our website is full of information you may need to know about our District. Whether you are looking for information about registration at one of our schools, needing the District calendar in order to plan a family vacation, or seeking employment with us, we know you’ll find what you are looking for. If you have additional questions, we hope you’ll contact us. We’d love to meet with you and help in any way possible.


A message from our Superintendent

Dear parents, guardians, and citizens of Tenino:

As you know, the district is asking you to participate in an important decision. We have placed a bond request for $38,000,000.00 on the April special election date. I am including here a list of questions and answers that have most commonly been asked about this bond. We hope it helps you make an informed choice in this election. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office and ask for clarification.


Russell Pickett

Russell D Pickett
Tenino School District

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Enlarge Existing Classroom Space

Both the number and size of students at TES and TMS require larger classrooms. The existing square footage of rooms in these buildings is very small.

Multipurpose Room Addition to TES/TMS to Share and Use for Staggered Lunches so Student Don’t Have to Eat in the Classroom

At TMS students eat in the library, at TES students eat in the classroom. The current multipurpose room at TES is not designed for efficient gym use. It can’t be a cafeteria, as it has no tables and is carpeted. A new kitchen and multipurpose room will make serving more efficient, and by staggering the lunch schedule, both buildings can eat in a quality facility.
District/Community Performance Center at TES/TMS Complex
The district needs a performance space for music, drama, and community events. The design will allow for not only a multipurpose room/cafeteria, but a performance arts center. The existing space at THS is both physically and acoustically inadequate.

Student Safety and Security - New/Safer Entrances to the School Facilities

It is important that our schools be safe and secure at all times. Both the design of the buildings, the location of the offices, and the plethora of exterior doors make it hard to ensure safety at all times.

More Energy Efficient/Improved Infrastructure (heat/electrical)

The district has received an energy grant from the state. The work in the area of those efficiencies and the bond work will be combined, not repeated to make the most of every penny and lower our energy bills. You may have noticed new HVAC systems going onto the roofs of TES and TMS. These were paid for by a grant. The capacity of the current electrical systems cannot handle the load of today’s technological needs.

New Music and Special Education Facilities

The new areas will include quality space for teaching music and special education resources.

Improved Technology

Both students and staff need the latest in technology to prepare for the jobs of the 21st century. It is important to make sure we have the best facilities with the best equipment to teach our students.

Turfing Main Stadium Field

Quality sports facilities will help maintain quality sports programs. The current field at the stadium is sub-par.  Turfing makes the district marketable for playoff activity, renting the facilities, and a better and safer playing field for our students.

Improvements to Other Sports Fields

As money permits, work to other sports and practice fields will be completed.

Upgrades to Existing Stadium

There are lots of rumors that this bond will build a new stadium. It does not. It does improve these facilities, making them more secure, teachable, and safe. Tenino is lucky to have a quality facility like Beaver Stadium.

Adding a Competitive Gym to THS and TMS/TES

The gym at TMS is too small. Both the gym at THS and TMS have beautiful floors, however, these floors are not designed to prevent student injury. THS needs an additional gym, and the TMS/TES complex will have a larger gym space that both schools can use and the community youth sports programs will have access to.

Safer Bus Loading and Unloading

Moving the bus drop-off and pick-up to behind TMS will be safer for students and allow for more parking in front of TMS and TES. The new loading zones will also serve as play areas for these schools during the school day.

Remodeling and “New/in Lieu of” Construction Makes Better Use of Existing Square Footage.

The State of Washington determines how many square feet of student space each district needs. It is a complex formula, but a district cannot have school facilities that are larger than their projected enrollment. While we talk about remodeling, we are also planning on “new/in lieu of” construction, which means replacing some of the facilities at TMS and TES, (the music rooms are an example).  “In-lieu of” means to add the new square footage we have to replace existing square footage.

$38,000,000.00 / 25 Year Bond

The district is asking the community to support a bond for $38,000,000.00 over 25 years, which is estimated to home owners $2.83 per $1000 on the value of their home. The average $250,000.00 home would pay an estimated $56.06 a month for this bond. The only school taxes currently paid in Tenino is our maintenance and operations levy dollars. We have one of the lowest tax rates in Thurston County. The last bond in Tenino was run in 1986 and paid off in 2007. We have no debt. This is a good thing, but a district that does not have debt cannot keep any state forestry money other-wise provided to them.  Before the last bond was paid off we received, on average, $100,000.00 annually in state forestry dollars. We do not currently receive this money.

Potential for $9.7 Million in Matching from the State

The formula for calculating square footage also comes into play when calculating matching dollars from the state. While only an estimate at this time, the projects selected by the school board could qualify for about $9.7 million in matching funds. This is above the $38,000,000.00 voter approved, so the projects total about $48,000,000.00 in work.

Focusing bond money on these projects, the district will be able to put more funds into projects at PES and THS.  The community will have to pass the bond with 60% approval.